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Central Vacuum

Central-Vacuum-InstallationHave you ever considered installing a Charlottesville central vacuum system in your home? If not, you might not know what you’re missing.

Not only are Fredricksburg central vacuum systems easy to use and affordable to install, but they can help you keep every room in your home looking and feeling fresh, and all while keeping hoses, fixtures, and appliances out of sight.

In addition, having a Richmond, VA central vacuum can be the perfect way to minimize allergies, particularly if you want to keep dust, pet hair, and other air contaminants away. In fact, having a convenient cleaning option in every room can be perfect for homeowners who want to protect the health of young children or older family members.

Beyond these lifestyle advantages, it’s important to remember that modern Washington, DC central vacuum equipment is typically more powerful than what you could get from a commercially-produced vacuum cleaner. That means you can remove more dirt, dust, and dander from floors, with the added benefit of giving you more time in your day. The best central vacuum hoses can even be used to clean sofas, curtains, and other household fixtures.

Why not preserve your home and your health by reducing dust and allergens? With a Richmond VA central vacuum system installed by Appalachian Home Technologies, you can enjoy cleaner air and dirt-free floors.

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