Systems and Services

Systems & Services

Home Automation

Bring your home into the modern era with remote-controlled and automatic lighting, heating, entertainment, security, and more

Multi-Room Audio

Install premium speakers that take your favorite music and entertainment into every room, without sacrificing your décor.

Hi-Fi Audio

If you love premium sound, you won’t believe the difference custom-built speakers can make in your home theater or media room

Home Theater

Enjoy a cinema-quality experience in the safety and comfort of your own home, including premium sound, video, and aesthetics

Media Rooms

Enjoy home theater-quality sound and audio without sacrificing a room in your house or keeping AV equipment on display.

Lighting Control

Control illumination, set a mood, and save on energy costs, all with the touch of a button in your home or by using a mobile device.

Shade Control

Why spend your time opening and closing blinds by hand? With automated shade control you can decide when to let in sunlight and lower energy costs.

Energy Management

Control power settings to appliances, HVAC climate control, and more, all while saving hundreds on energy bills.

Central Vacuum

Make it easy to clean every room in your house while eliminating dust and allergens using a central vacuum system.

Structured Wiring

Learn how AHT removes ugly wiring, takes away wireless interference, and makes home automation safer with structured wiring.

Building Automation

Bring the advantages of smart home automation to work, including keyless entry, automatic lighting, and energy-saving climate control.

Smart Boardrooms

Don’t rely on old laptops and projectors to make your point – bring your presentations into the digital age with smart boardroom technology.

Security & Surveillance

Keep burglars away and know what’s happening in your home at all times with our state-of-the-art home security packages.

Access Control

Use keyless entry and smart automation systems to ensure that only the right people can get into your home or business.