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The Art of Hiding Boxes: Vol.1

Wall mounted TV’s and even sound bars are becoming more and more of standard in almost all rooms of the home. Generally it is always a good start to a solid media room or home theater. However, sometimes you forget that you still need a cable box to watch your favorite channels or a DVD player to watch your old movies. This album unleashes the ability to just have a TV and not worry about the unsightly look of boxes and wires. This can be as simple as built-ins to the side or in a closet on another level.

The Art of Hiding Boxes: Vol.2

Still perfecting the living space with some much needed up to date technology and still hiding the boxes from clients as we do it.

Whole Home Audio

Music to cover the whole house and play all of your music, no matter where it’s stored. Speaker placement is carefully chosen to match the aesthetics of the room and zones are controlled individually or in groups.

Rack City

Whether you have just a few pieces of AV equipment to organize, or want to fully customize your entire AV center, racks provide options and versatility. All of your equipment hidden and tucked away from potential button smashers and an obtrusive look in your living space.

Home Automation Transformation

A few times throughout the year we will get calls from clients who have previously had someone try to automate their home unfortunately with no success. Some clients say the systems never worked and others will say it worked at one point about 80% of the time. This particular client was one of those, so we were able to take what was in place and convert it to a system that now works on a consistent basis.

Holzwarth Field, Crozet VA

An awesome project that we have the opportunity to be a part of at Crozet Park for the Peachtree Little League! These kids will be ready for spring unlike any others! Here’s the first stages of the installation. We’ll have a 70V commercial PA and audio system throughout the park so not only will the kids have the national anthem played before each game as well as the all too important player announcements, but they’ll be having batting practice in style with their favorite tunes playing from their iPods! Stay tuned for updates!

Pool Cabana, Charlottesville VA

A winter project for the summer. The beginning stages of some outdoor audio around the pool and some indoor audio inside the cabana as well. The pool house is equipped with TV control, Audio Control, Lighting Control and Comfort Control. This can be done remotely, from the main house and locally all from a TV, Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Automation Accessories

This album is dedicated to the accessories throughout the home that make home automation simple to use. There is no need to pull out your phone or tablet to control everything.

Retrofit Automation

This was a fun project for our team! Fotunately the client had a lot of the wiring throghou the home but he just didn’t quite have the right guys for the job when he built the home. It is a good thing we crossed paths. We were able to make things work seamlessy for this client, giving him a fully connected home by the time we were done. Not mention the client needed this done in time for the holidays so we had to have all teams on deck to expedite the process!

Custom Media Room

Check out this media room we did for a client. This operates as day room with nice light when it’s not being used for watching their choice of media! One of the coolest features we were able to design and execute for this client, was a keypad that controls the lights an several functions of the media room. You can walk in the room, press one button and get everything started from there without having to pick up a remote the entire time. You can press TV and the projector will turn on, the projector screen will lower, the cable box will turn on, the receiver will switch to the proper input and it will go to your favorite channel – simply from one press of a button on the lighting keypad! Then on the way out, you can press a single button to power your devices back off!

Structured Wiring Panels

In todays homes wiring panels are a must! However, what we find often is they are either being under utilized or neglected. We are always looking for the next cutting edge product, or simply something that will change the standard for years to come. With these media enclosures they make it easy to consolidate, organize and transform embarrassing systems into showpieces that are more reliable and easier to maintain and upgrade.